Frequently asked questions

FAQs about us

What does an architect actually do?

The primary role of an architect is to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing space that adheres to the requirements and vision of the client.

The first step involves a one-to-one meeting between the architect and the homeowner so that the architect can understand the homeowner’s actual requirements after detailed discussions.

During these meetings the architect will also spell out their fee and payment structure, the scope of work, level of involvement in terms of site visits and the time frame required for the total completion of the work.

Why do I need an architect?

You Need an Architect if You Want Imaginative and Creative Thinking…

You Need an Architect if You Want Peace of Mind….

You need an Architect if you want Expertise…

You Need an Architect if You Want Value for Money…

What’s the largest project Dream Space has ever worked on?

We have worked on plethora of projects in Architecture domain, ranging from Private residences, to Builderfloors, Farmhouses, Hospitality and Large scale projects such as Mixed use land development, Affordable housing and Commercial Complexes. You can check out all our projects here

Can you work with clients long distance?  What Locations can you serve?

Many of our projects are in Different states of India. Depending upon the extent of distance and other Geo-Restrictions We work PAN India

Would I be better off using an Draughtsman / Contractor for consultation on smaller projects?

Architecture Technicians are limited to skillsets that they have got, where as an architect will help you with an Overall broad vision approach towards project of any scale and size

Will you be able to design the style of building I want?

Our team is skilled in all sorts of Designs, From Classical to neo-classical, from Modern to contemporary, From Brutal to sympathetic. Our experience over the years help us create anything that a client desires

What is the scope of your architectural practice?

Our Company is a Design firm with registered architects with decades of experience in field of architecture. We have Completed over 150 Projects Completed and 4,50,000SqFt of Development. We Deal in every domain of architecture i.e Construction, Interior and Landscape.

What advantages does Dream Space have over  other architectural firms?

Large practices can often be a costly venture to indulge in. Even though every architect is committed to providing the best services to his client, Large overworked firms can often be a unviable option for new people seeking architecture help both in terms of Cost and Management perspective. We on the other hand are a dedicated team of architects with each team handling a project from Initiation to Finalisation that can help you track every single progress on your work

Can I contact you outside of business hours?

Yes, you can leave a whatsapp message here. The concerned person will get in touch with you ASAP

Why should we choose you ?

We pay strong emphasis during the design phase of the project, as we believe a well planned project gets well executed and meet its goal. We are very approachable and believe in thorough initial discussions with our clients to understand their requirements and bring out a unique tailored solution, rather than imposing the industry trend on them. We believe in team work to produce new and innovative designs which meets client requirement and are specific to the needs of the project.

FAQs about The Process

What happens during our initial meeting?

First meeting are usually Casual that help us recognize your needs as well as you knowing our whole scope.

What if I’m not sure what I want?

For every design a designer needs some anchor points that later act as constraints for the project. We help with cataloguing you a mood board. That we later refine till you find it desirable

How involved will I be?

You’ll be involved in every single stage i.e from Conceptualization to Initiation , The drawing phase, Pre-Execution, Post execution.

What other professionals (contractors) might I need on our project?

Usually depending upon services and scale of project, Other consultants might be take on-board for development and execution of the project such as Landscape consultant, HAVC / MEPF Consultants

How often do you visit the site as work is being done?

Site Visits are solely dependent on nature of work and terms and Conditions of contact accepted by both parties

FAQs about Services

What type of surveys will you carry out?

Every project is unique and so are the client requirements. Some projects might need a hundred different types of surveys, and some might just need a simple soil testing.

What is the minimum level of service you provide?

Minimum level of service that you can get from us are technical drawings and/or Visualization

Can I manage the project myself?

Managing a project is a complex task which ultimately boils down to your availability/Schedule and Building construction technical expertise

FAQs about Rules and Regulations

What is the difference between approval drawings and working drawings?

Approval Drawings are a set of drawings tha are sent to municipal corporation for their approval in order to get the required Completion documents or to start a new construction Whereas, Working drawings provide dimensioned, graphical information that can be used; by a contractor to construct the works, or by suppliers to fabricate components of the works or to assemble or install components

What are some of the statutory authorities and policies relating to architecture in the county/country?

Every State has its own Urban Local Body that deals with the legalities of the project. Depending upon your region there maybe a few or a dozen statutory authorities and policies relating to architecture

What’s involved in getting my project approved?

Legalities such as Land Title, Land Clearance, Zonal Clearance, Building Approval, Completion Certificate, Services & Utilities Installation, Occupancy Certificate are of utmost importance for any construction.

What is the Completion Certificate?

The Project Completion Certificate is a legal document that is given after the builder states that the construction of the project or property has been completed as per the approved building plan. And that the project meets all the regulations and bye-laws set by the local municipal body or corporation.

Do I require any other permissions?

Depending upon your region there maybe a few or a dozen statutory authorities and policies relating to architecture that need to be adhered to.


How can I check an architect is genuine?

Authenticity of every architect can be verified by going here and entering details in the required tabs.

How do I find and select a good builder?

Choosing the right builder for your dream home is an extremely critical step, You can start by checking : Experience of the builder, Success rate, The one who meets your needs, Number of ongoing projects, Testimonials of the existing customers, A well-coordinated team, Structural quality is of utmost importance, Quality of workmanship, Service and post care

How detailed are your drawings?

Our Drawings and Visualization are industry leading. Designed by experienced Draughtsman and verified by senior architects ensure that we leave no error and create easy to understand, clean and diagrammatic Drawings and Visualisations

Can you ensure my project is environmentally sustainable?

We try our best to make each and every project sustainable, By Path finding current project s sustainability. Followed by a sustainability development strategy.