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Safes as a Design Object.

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Where do you keep your most valuable items? Most frequently, they are strewn around the house, hiding in boxes or drawers so they’re impossible to find when they are needed, or lying out in plain sight where they would make easy pickings for an intruder. Even if these pieces are not particularly valuable it is prudent to consider investing in some appropriate storage that would keep them in one place and out of harm’s way.

For someone who only wants to have beautiful things at home, the thought of a typical utilitarian safe lurking conspicuously in the bedroom isn’t very appealing. For attractive safes or secure storage solutions, many style-conscious homeowners and interior designers have turned to WOLF. Currently headquartered in California, the family-run British heritage brand has been producing handcrafted jewellery cases and watch boxes for over 185 years, focusing on premium design and craftsmanship to ensure its products don’t look out of place in high-end interiors.

WOLF’s philosophy is based on the belief that it's logical to protect one’s possessions by storing and safeguarding them in a fine quality box. This vision informed the brand’s current motto of ‘Protecting Legacy’, which means creating storage for items that will be passed down through generations. Although some of the safes and winders WOLF manufactures cost more than most of us will spend on jewellery in our entire lives, there are also more affordable options for anyone simply in need of a good-looking box for a favourite souvenir or treasured gift.

Anyone fortunate enough to own a high-end automatic watch will know about the importance of storing these precision timepieces correctly. Watch winders simulate the gentle movement of the wrist in order to regularly activate the self-winding mechanism and ensure the watch keeps time when not in use. Most winders simply estimate the number of rotations needed per day, but WOLF's devices can be set to the optimal number of turns for each unique timepiece.

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