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Top 10 Must-See Le corbusier Works

Le Corbusier was a pioneer of the Modernist Movement in architecture. Throughout his career, he undertook an array of projects all around the world. See below for 17 of his works that have been named World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, as well as many more of his other popular pieces. Hopefully, someday you get to go and see them yourself!

Unité d’habitation (Housing Unit)

Address: 280 Boulevard Michelet, Marseille, Francia

Maison Guiette (Guiette House)

Address: Populierenlaan 32, Antwerp, Belgium

Capitol Complex

Address: Uttar Marg & Jan Marg, Chandigarh, India

National Museum of Western Art

Address: Ueno Park Street, Tokyo, Japan

Weissenhof-Siedlung House

Address: Rathenaustraße 1, Stuttgart, Germany

Curutchet House

Address: Avenida 53 320, La Plata, Argentina

La Tourette Convent

Address: Route de la Tourette, Lyon, France

Ville Savoye

Address: 82 Rue de Villiers, Poissy, Paris, France

Ronchamp (Notre Dame du Haut)

Address: 13 Rue de la Chapelle, Ronchamp, France

Maison La Roche

Address: 10 Square du Dr Blanche, Paris, France

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